Not even anon! This super awesome female who is “EGALITARIAN&GENDER RIGHTS” hopes I am raped by a white man!

Fascinatingly, this is in response to her post about what a radical feminist would do if their white grandfather died. In response, I shared that my white grandfather, a rapist who abused women and refused to hire women at his place of work (and spoke about them as if they were fucking TVs or some other inanimate entertainment object for his viewing pleasure), would not be a sad loss for me. (Or any of my family, tbh, he’s fucking horrible.)

Acknowledging his male and white privilege, acknowledging the system of power he exploits to oppress women for his disgusting, entitled purposes, and wanting female liberation from such an oppressive system—-these are my crimes that mean I must be raped. I must be silenced and dominated by a man for speaking out against male oppressors. Sounds exactly like the same shit, over and over.

Wow, ~*beautiful gender rights*~, guys!

(The assumption that I’ve never been raped by a white man is fucking repulsive. Worse, you’d seriously have to be a delusional ass to think that an egalitarian would EVER wish rape onto a woman, you sad fucking excuse for a human being.)

February 8th / 48